lucky start


this photo was taken on raya celebration +- a month ago,2nd day of my year 4.why this photo? sebab saya menang luckydraw! haha sory agak jakun di situ sbb saya xpernah dapat lucky draw.ok tipu,pernah dapat time skolah rendah,tp tu xkira sebab semua org pon dapat. walaupon kali ni dapat 2 botol cordeal je ,(which is not yet finished until today) but who caress? hihi.

I pray that Allah will bless me with luck,joy and success throughout the whole year and forever after,and not to forget,May Him bless you too.yes,you 🙂

p/s:: why no much different btween me and tiah ? shes wayy more taller than me i guess.or am i not that short or shes not that tall? or is she bending? *confusedd 😛


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