of being dental student #no holiday


Its a cloudy sunday.i woke up late this morning (as always :P) after 5-10 minutes lazying on my bed i texted my patient for appoinment tomorrow.and suddenly he called! omg.i know my voice is still baru-bangun-tido mode answering the phone.aish.jatuh kredibility maceni pukul 11 pon suara baru bangun tido lg.opps 😛 so moral of the story is,make sure you are ready for phone call from patient after u text them! hehu.

weekend after exam is the best weekend ever.i’ve finished my end block 1 exam last friday.yesterday qadha tido,today also qadha tido.hihih.and of course must do activity after exam is shoppinggg. typical girl am i? but who cares,shopping do works as therapy for me.(after mengaji and solat of course hehe).but somehow i miss home.huaaa.why u no give us holiday after examm??!!

well,thats us.we only have holiday if there is public holiday,and hari raya. but after block 2 exam we’ll have 2 weeks holiday.which is after 1 semester,the only holiday we have is that 2 weeks T_T after all,we still have holiday.kan?so alhamdulillah. so within this one loong semester,blajalah kau sungguh2 ok.tssk tskk.

enough babling.jom masak megi! 😛



shes a big girl now.pandai posing2 dahh. aunty miss u sweetheart T_T


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