what does it means when you got wedding invitations from your friends? what does it means when your friends shared their wedding photos on facebook and instagram? what does it means when your friends uploaded their pictures with robe and scroll?

older.yes,exactly,im getting older. *and you too! 😛

time does flies. i remember when we used to play,laugh,fight,breaking rules blablabla together.now everyone is with their own life.getting married,married,having babies,graduated and working.and me? im still being a student. Lectures,books,clinics,assignments,thats my stuff.heh. anyhow,no much to worry.23 aint that old right? enjoy what Allah give to you now,as He knows what suits you best. 🙂

amende tah merepek2 ni.sebenarnye nak cakap i got a few wedding invitations for this december. one in selangor,perak and terengganu. im sooo excited for you guys. congrates! in syaa Allah i’ll be there! 🙂


we are now in week 3 block 2 year 4. i hope things will get easier and better. i hope prostho will be nice to me.and other subjects too. lets just not hope,lets pray 🙂


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