its been a while since my last post its already April 2013! i dont know why but every time i finished exam i feel like writing here.bukan lepas exam sebenanye,tengah2 exam la rasa nak update blog la apela.distractionnss. segala bendala nak buat time exam.nak main game nak shopping online nak tu nak ni. semua benda kecuali study.haiishh syaiton sungguh.

Anyway,today i’ve finished end block 3 examination. seriously,time flies real fast. now we just have one more block for this academic year.and at this particular time,everyone is in a great great super duper stress. And for me,promotional exam is keep haunting me day and night. Selagi tak habis exam,selagi tu terpikir-pikir termimpi mimpi. Sometimes, i doubt myself whether i can really do this. Its tiring. Its hard. Its difficult.but it can be done,and it is possible,by the will of Allah.

Setiap kali rasa lost,depressed,down,tadah tangan,doa banyak2. Minta dengan Allah semoga Dia beri ketenangan,kekuatan dan dipermudahkan segalanya.ah. doa tak semestinya waktu ‘down’ je,berdoa lah setiap masa. Allah tak marah, Allah tak kedekut. Allah tu Maha Pemurah,Maha Penyanyang.


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